New Urban Mechanics (Boston, Philadelphia)

website About WHAT New Urban Mechanics is a network of civic innovation offices as in-house research & development group. The aim is to explore how new technology, designs and policies can strengthen the partnership between residents and government and significantly improve opportunity and experiences for all. WHEN from 2010 (Boston) WHERE based in Boston (MONUM) , Philadelphia,… Read More New Urban Mechanics (Boston, Philadelphia)

Laboratorio para la ciudad (Mexico)

website WHAT The Laboratorio para la Ciudad (Laboratory for the City) is Mexico City’s experimental office for civic innovation and urban creativity, the first city government department of its kind in Latin America. The Lab is a space for rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing the way citizens and government can work together towards a more… Read More Laboratorio para la ciudad (Mexico)

Public Policy Lab (USA)

website WHAT The Public Policy Lab is a non-profit organization committed to the more effective delivery of public services to the American people. The government and public agencies are partners and clients. The programs include research and technical-assistance projects with public partners and events and publications intended to generate relationships and encourage information-sharing between policymakers and designers.… Read More Public Policy Lab (USA)


  website About WHAT DesignGov across-government unit, the Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design,was established by the Australian Public Service to collaborate with agencies and the design ecosystem to apply strategic co-design processes and thinking on complex issues which lead to improved outcomes, efficiencies and effectiveness of public solutions. A centre (or centres) dedicated to innovative… Read More DesignGov

Politics of Tomorrow (Germany)

website: WHAT Politics for Tomorrow is a consultancy aimed at supporting public sector representatives in initiating political processes that put human well-being and civic participation at the forefront. Outcomes could be: redesigned services, creative ideas for simplified administrative processes and effective products, or the establishment of new procedures and a different working culture WHEN from… Read More Politics of Tomorrow (Germany)

InWithForward (Canada)

Sarah Schulman – “Designing For” to “Making With” from Parsons Desis Lab on Vimeo. WHAT It is a Social Enterprise whose propose is to make, test, and spread social services & neighborhood networks. In homes and systems. With people, professionals, and policymakers. To move lives Forward.  WHEN from 2014 WHERE based in neighbourhood Burnaby Vancouver (Canada), Australia, The Netherlands… Read More InWithForward (Canada)